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you, lieutenant governor. of course, the best for last. the hon. vice minister of commerce to the podium, please. [applause] >> lt. governor newsom, mayor lee, counsel general, ladies and gentlemen, good morning. it is a great pleasure for me to be here to attend this seminar, " organized -- let me give a special thanks to the previous speakers who gave very warm and remarkable remarks. i would like to give special thanks to the state government of california and the municipal government of san francisco. i think without your help, this forum for the seminar will not be realized. i also believe that through the seminar, with both sides, which will enhance our cooperation between our two sides. for many years, national corp. always is a dynamic factor -- cooperation is always a dynamic factor. and the economic and trade relations is also under way because of this dynamic factor. we believe that through all the -- this is becoming more important. china and the chinese government attaches great importance to national corp. and to state corporation and city corp. -- cooperation
of the mayor's office. thank you, mayor ed lee. also the ministry of the commerce of china, supported by the governor's office. thank you so much. the lieutenant governor is here of course. i would like to mention that we do have some honorable mentions in here. first of all, my boss, hon. ed lee. mayor of san francisco. i would like to add our first chinese mayor in san francisco. the vice minister of the ministry of commerce from beijing. [applause] welcome. next to my former boss, the hon. gavin newsom, lieutenant governor of california. the hon. counsel general of the people's republic of china. [applause] the minister of the embassy of the people's republic of china and the united states, based in washington, d.c.. and charlotte schultz, mr. mike rossi, senior adviser on jobs for governor brown. also officials from the delegation. the director-general of the department of foreign investment and administration. mr. wong shi. and mr. -- the commercial counselor of the department of corporation. and the director-general of the investment promotion agency of the ministry of commerce
and commerce committee and currently co-chair of the congressional piracy caucus. representative barton, in the few days and in the lame duck session of the 112 congress, do you foresee any action on the issues of privacy? >> i have asked the chair of the commerce committee -- i don't have a commitment from him, but that bill is a possible, especially in the lame duck then in the regular session. we probably won't have that many more legislative days. if we have one bill, that is the one i have asked the chairman to consider moving. >> would you like to see more comprehensive privacy legislation passed by congress? >> i would. i think the public is ahead of the congress on privacy. i think that companies like microsoft and some of those guys are ahead. they are building in the fall positions to have more and more privacy. but in the congress, we're still a bit behind of the curve. although, we have gained a lot of ground in this congress. our privacy caucus in the house, subcommittee chairman markey has cochaired with me, a republican and democrat. we have 30 members. so it does not qui
>> next and booktv ro khanna legal assistant deputy -- dubya secretary of commerce argues the u.s. is and will continue to be a leader in at manufacturing and innovation. it is about 45 minutes. >> thank you. thank you for the very kind introduction. a real honor to be at politics and prose. such an institution to the city and the pleasure to be here. thank you for coming out on an august evening to hear me. i will try to be brief in my comments and i have more of an exchange of ideas and your perspective so i can have a conversation about manufacturing and what the country should do to be competitive. the idea for the book came about when i was traveling around the country and i would see a successful manufacturer making lenders, making steel, making meat and food and i would say i thought our manufacturing had gone off shore. something didn't make sense. i started to wonder what were people missing in the story and it turns out that while a lot of consumer manufacturing has gone off shore or if you go into a store, the toys and apparel, a lot of that has left america, we are s
to the global economy and global bill village we live in. it is an investment to keep this global commerce going. and so. without that investment we can only speculate what might happen if we weren't here. melissa: i think it is fair to say without the strength of the u.s. navy patrolling these vital commercial sea lanes we would be seeing even more dramatic swings in price flush wages -- fluctuation in the oil market. >>> how crucial are the u.s. efforts in protecting the strait of hormuz for the world's oil supply? i spoke to fadel gheit who knows every aspect of the oil industry from his work as an engineer with mobile oil. he is now one of the most respects oil analysts on wall street and here is what he has to say. fadel, thanks so much for joining us. if the iranians followed through on the threat to close the strait what is your bet would happen to the price of oil that instant. >> think can try but they can't actually do it. the answer is no, the probability would be very low. and basically if we have any military action in this part of the world one would expect that crude oil prices wo
figure here. he wrote this memorandum as a private lawyer for the chamber of commerce in 1971 saying, "we need a counter-attack against the environmentalists and the labor unions and so on." and developed a whole strategy fokind of a corporate takeover of the judiciary and politic. >> by the way, you said something very important. justicece lewis powell, then a lawyer in virginia, wrote this for the chamber of commerce, later became appointed by richard nixon to the supreme court. >> just several months later. >> many people look at the "powell memo" as the charter -- >> the foundational, the foundational document. >> and the first big case in this direction was the "first national bank of boston versus bellotti" case, which he wrote the decision on. and what it said was corporations -- the identity of the speaker is irrelevant, which becomes the key -- >> what does that mean? >> what it means is you can't tell corporations that they can't put their money into politics just because they're a corporation. which has, i guess, a surface plausibility to it. but then would you say that, for ex
, i'm dee dee workman with the san francisco chamber of commerce and a resident of district nine, pg&e rate payer, representing over 1,500 local businesses and resident owners and employees. we are very concerned about the impacts of the clean power sf program on san francisco businesses, residents and the local community. community choice aggregation was originally designed to inject competition and generation of electrical power. the goals were to drive prices down, maintain rate stability, provide over half the power load from renewable sources and find a supplier for a long-term contract. this contract ensures none of those goals. rates for electricity charges will increase. this is a short-term contract that creates no green power, results in net loss of jobs in san francisco. all the liability rests with the taxpayers. while it is well intended and we appreciate the hard work that's gone into this we feel like it is not ready to go. and clean power san francisco does not represent or reflect goals of community choice aggregation program. the san francisco chamber of commerce ur
they might get busted for their garden. now they have the chamber of commerce and a sheriff's permit -- they have bracelets and necklaces of one all their plans. it was an unmitigated success. now, you will notice this slightly sad story. visit to a program works. heading into the mendocino county area, i am a renter myself. i haven't had have the hat and the broken down truck and the beard and i am an organic hemp proponent, we buy only organic hemp diapers. for sale out here in the lobby. we tie our tomato plants with hemp twine because it holds of the best. but we have to get -- it's growing 20% per year. hemp is such a good fiber, it is in the dodge viper numbers and doors. i couldn't believe it. i called and they said yes, we do use cannabis. this is not squeezing the oil from that permits a perfect oil. what i want is a solution to this. i want to see if i'm getting this right. one of the directors here and one of the founders to get navy or army surplus have, a deal something in the 70s? smacked it was a coalition. we specialize in clothing and help develop it. it was romanian
wrote that he was going to be a chamber of commerce day, flies buzzed lazily of the gumbo and green and blue spring. i can hear the rhythmic of a few cicadas the first of the year coming up from the riverside. that's the rio grande. the wish of cars and trucks up and down the highway, the distant adding of locals taking target practice in the blm highway. we are surrounded and millions of acres of public land that once belonged to the ancestors of my neighbors. and suddenly, go to that little punta of yours. the shriek usually happens in the final word of a phrase like life, taking the and bending at several different directions before her breath runs out amid she coughs. she coughs a lot. i hear it early in the morning, late at night. i hear very clearly when she's sitting on the patio smoking a joint. it is big and sharp, tissue creating deep inside her chest. every once in a while he was on, but he never shouts as lovely as she does. look at you, you're seko. they are dealing. we've noticed the traffic. perhaps a dozen cars at a drive-through. these customers are men, all this sp
believe the unemployment will not rise further. also today, the commerce department reported retail sales jumped 0.9% in august. that's the largest increase since february. the gains come as consumers are spending more on cars and gasoline. the report showed that sales at different retailers were mixed and suggested only a modest increase in consumer spending this quarter. today's news comes just a day after the federal reserve stepped in once again to revive the economy, and ben bernanke's promise to help main street. how will main street americans do under q.e.3? joining us to answer that, robert brusca, chief economist at his own firm, fact and opinion economics. hi, bob. >> hi, susie. >> susan: all right, so, chairman bernanke says this latest round of stimulus is a-- to quote his words-- a main street policy. is it really? >> well, i think it has the focus on main street. i think the objective is to help main street. but it doesn't really work to help main street first. it's really going to work by trickle down. it's anything to work through wall street. it's going to work through h
this. start with you. you were a content site and you added commerce. >> i think my advice to anthony would be similar to what we've done, an all in one place play. just way he explained that, it was like he wasn't talking about the trophies being anything particularly different. it was a question of it being a synergy with his ex is stent business. bundling, packaging and putting those things out there in one place i think is where he is going to be able to communicate the value. >> alexa, you started as content and have added products. >> now, we have financial planers off our content base to answer your question. go to your users. we have a vip set of learned best customers, about 3,000, that give us feedback on a leg basis. ask your customers, what do you want us to build? what would you be excited to build? they are the most likely user base to like what you build. >> so tell them, this vip list of users, how would you use them? >> they were writing in to us on a regular basis. i love your products. i love what you are doing. you are changing my life. we said, we would love to ta
francisco chamber of commerce urges you to table this item and send this back to the sfpuc, thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >>> good afternoon, even nguyen, director of the san francisco energy cooperative. we are a brand-new organization that started up aimed at community ownership of green power, funding green power on community buildings. we are a membership organization. the reason why members support us is because they believe in movement from grass roots and every little bit makes a difference. you guys are politicians, you know the politicks in many ways is the art of possible. this is not perfect, not everything we want out of a cca but really does make a small difference towards a goal that is so far away. we have such a long road to walk towards energy independence and transitioning away that any bit can make a huge difference. the larger mission is really to popularize the idea of community ownership, to make it so that everybody sees that they can have a hand in owner their energy future. that is the real difference green power can make. the first technology that m
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)